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Travel to St.John's, Newfoundland

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Located about 20 minutes away from St.John's International  Airport


Dvele Inn

26 Monkstown Rd St.

John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

 A1C 3T3 CA 

Tel. 888-592-9159

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Have a breakfast  on-site or room service, but dine at Portage, downtown.

There are many great restaurants, all within 10-15 minutes walking distance. Six top restaurants within walking distance, are: Terre RestaurantOliver's RestaurantSmoke's Poutinerie St. John's,  Grilleopatra Grills & MoreBasho Restaurant & Lounge and No. 4 Restaurant & Bar.

Winterholme Wellness Center & Spa is about 7 minutes walk form the hotel. They offer floating tank, as well as traditional spa services.

Eastern Edge Art Gallery is within 20 minutes walk. Historic Downtown has a great walkability. 


Historical Locations 


Advanced Tech

Hotel is located near Bannerman Park. Visit St. John's Haunted Hike, 10 minute walk from the hotel. The Rooms is also within 10 minutes walking distance. Johnson Geo Centre is within 30 minutes walk or 5 minutes drive. Signal Hill National Historic Site 

is about 10 minute drive from the hotel.

This hotel is about 15 minutes walk from 

Water Street Historic Shopping District.

Memorial University Botanical Garden  is about 15 drive from the hotel.

Atlantic Cannabis dispensary is about 15 minutes walk from the hotel. 

If you book travel yourself,  this 3 days trip would cost you $3,340.00 total

(without spa visit or shopping).

 $ 1,602.93 (all taxes are included) for 3 nights stay at Dvele Inn in a Classic Kings suite.

$100.00 + for the cab from & to the Airport (roundtrip cost)

$99.99 + for dinners  

$1,535.00 (economy cabin) from JFK to St.John's flight

Cannabis in Canada is legal * for personal private use since 2018, but only if purchased form the authorized Canadian retailer. It is still illegal * to transport or/travel with cannabis across the state or country lines. 

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