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Where did your leaves came from?

 China has the most number of the tea plantations,

however, they do not have any websites and

must be visited in-person only with local guides. 

 I did not list any Chinese plantations,
but most of them are located in
Sichuan,  Shaanxi, Henan, Shandong, 
 Jiangsu and  Anhui Prefecture of China.
In China they are called "Tea Gardens."

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Explore Georgia, by visiting Renegade Tea Estate and  stay at Porto Gumati.  Enjoy luxury stay & delicious dining only 30 minutes walk from the plantation.

Sataplia Nature Reserve is about 30 minutes drive to plantation. Kutaisi is the biggest local city in the area, it it about 16 minutes drive from plantation.  It has all tourist attractions needed, from hotels to spa and restaurants.


Explore India,  Assam by visiting Ghograjan Tea Estate plantation.  Stay at Manohari The Tea Retreat,  enjoy luxury stay & delicious dining only 40 minutes walk from the plantation.

Closest city to this plantation is Dibrugarh​.  Sri Jagannath Temple and Mahatma Gandhi Udyan/Khanikar Park is about 35 minutes drive. University Park and  Blossom Exotica Park are about 30 minutes drive. Jokai Botanical Garden​​ is within 40 minutes drive.

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Explore Pahang, Malaysia by visiting Boh Tea Plantation plantation.  Stay at The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands. Enjoy luxury stay & delicious dining only 20 minutes drive from the plantation.

Nearest town is Cameron Highlands. Robinson Falls are only 18 minutes drive from the plantation. TJungle Trail 10
are only 35 minutes drive. Rose Valley and Garden and Mossy Forest  are about 55 minutes drive. Lavender Garden and Valley is about 1 hour drive.


Explore Japan at Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms, LLC, stay at  Blodge Lodge located in one of cities most remarkable places on the planet, about 20 minutes drive from tea farm.

 Wazuka, Soraku District is the closest small town nearby. 共創スペース 桶力-okeriki- local Art School and gallery is about 10 minutes walk from the farm.

One thing to remember to visit this place you have to speak Japanese or know someone local. 


Explore Thailand, by visiting Raming Tea Estate plantation and  stay at LAGÖM Village Resort. Enjoy luxury stay & delicious dining only 20 minutes drive from the plantation and coffee shop.

Doi Lom Elephant Rescue Sanctuary,  Elephant EcoValley and New Elephant Home are all about 40 minutes drive from plantation.​


Explore Thyolo, Malawi by visiting Satemwa Tea & Coffee Estate plantation and  stay at Game Haven Lodge. Enjoy simple stay & delicious dining only 25 minutes drive from the plantation. 

Closest small town to plantation is Thyolo, Malawi, only 10 minutes drive. Michiru Mountain Conservation Area is about 45 minutes drive from plantation. ​


Explore Ku-Qamba, South Africa by visiting Magwa Tea Factory plantation and  stay at Louis at Magwa Falls. Enjoy simple stay & delicious dining only 35 minutes drive from the plantation.

It is a great resort and national wildlife area, you will not need to travel for extra amenities.

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Explore New Zealand, by visiting Zealong Tea Estate plantation. Stay at Quantum Lodge Motor Inn. Enjoy luxury stay & delicious dining only 15 minutes drive from the plantation.

Nearest big city in the area is Hamilton, New Zealand. It is only 17 minuted drive away. It has everything tourists need, from shopping to dining. 

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Explore IndiaHimachal Pradesh by visiting Wah Tea Estate plantation and  stay at The Lodge at Wah. Enjoy luxury stay & delicious dining only 5 minutes walk from the plantation. 

This plantation is about 1 hour and 10 minutes drive from Dharamshala. HH Dalai 14th Lama residence is about 1 hour and 25 minutes away. Norbulingka Institute
is about 1 hour drive. Palampur Science Centre, Palampur is about 16 minutes drive from plantation. 


Explore Sri Lanka, by visiting Kenilworth Tea Estate plantations. Stay at Hotel Breeta's Garden. Enjoy luxury stay & delicious dining only 15 minutes drive from the plantation.

Nearest small town is Ginigathhena. Aberdeen Waterfall is about 55 minutes drive. Galpoththa (Natural Water Slide) is about 35 minutes drive from plantation.  ​

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Explore South Korea, by visiting Osulloc Green Tea Field plantation and  stay at Jeju Aerospace Hotel. Enjoy luxury stay & delicious dining only 40 minutes train ride from the plantation.

Closest city to the plantation is Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, South Korea. They have everything tourist may need, from shopping to lodging. Chocolate Museum is within 1 hour and 20 minutes bus ride.

You need to speak Korean or have a guide to be able to feel comfortable. 


Explore Rwanda by visiting Gisovu Tea Estate plantation and  stay at Delta Resort Hotel. Enjoy simple stay & delicious dining only 1 hour 25 minutes drive from the plantation.​ 

 Nyungwe Forest National Park is about 2 hours drive from plantation. Closest city is Kibuye, Rwanda is about
1 hour 12 minutes  drive from plantation. It has everything tourist may need: hospitals, hotels, restaurants and shopping.

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Explore Kenya, by visiting Nandi Tea Estates Ltd, Taito Divisional Office plantation and  stay at Reevonia Inn. Enjoy simple stay & delicious dining only 25 minutes drive from the plantation.

Kapsimotwa Botanic gardens are within 40 minutes walking distance to plantation, or 8 minutes drive. South Nandi Forest is about 45 minutes ride. Closest big town is Kapsabet, about 25 minutes drive.


Explore  Clanwilliam, South Africa by visiting Klipopmekaar Rooibos Tea Farm plantation and  stay at Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve and Wellness RetreatEnjoy simple stay & delicious dining only 15 minutes drive from the plantation.

Closest small town is Clanwilliamonly 40 minutes away. It has hotels, restaurants and emergency services. It is a small mountain town on the side of Cape Town coast. Cederberg Wilderness Area is about 30 minutes drive. 

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