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Travel to Rügen, Germany

Functionality You Will Love


Eco-Friendly Design

Located about 3 hour 50 minutes drive from Hamburg International Airport.

IFA Rügen Hotel and Ferienpark

by Lopesan ® Hotel Group

Strandpromenade 74, 18609

Binz, Germany

Phone: +49 38393 90


Multicultural Mountain Retreat

Granitz Hunting Castle  is about 20 minutes drive from the hotel. Baumwipfelpfad im Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen  is about 10 minutes drive from the hotel.

Universität Botanical Garden is about 1 hour and  10 minutes drive from the hotel.

Walentowski Art Galeries are about 30 minutes walk form the hotel. Museum Ostseebad Binz is about 40 minutes walk  form the hotel.


24/7 Support

This is hotel close to downtown and local beach area.  Predominantly German speaking area,  but you will not have to learn German in order to stay there. Most tourist locations speak English.


Hotel has 4 on-site restaurants and spa Major shopping, with many other restaurants, within walking distance.

Promenadenrestaurant Seestern is within 2 minutes walk, inside hotel.

Hapimag Restaurant Achterdeck​it is within only 10 minutes walk, Trattoria Di Mare is also within 10 minutes walk.

Weltenbummler is within 15 minutes walk. Restaurant & Pizzeria Due Fratelli is also within 15 minutes walk. PETER PANE Burgergrill & Bar within 20 minutes walk. Konditorei - Café - Torteneck ,modern bakery and coffee bar, is about 25 minutes walk from the hotel. Indian restaurant Maharadscha Palace and restaurant Kurhaus-Restaurant are both around 30 minutes walk. LOTTA - Kitchen.Deli is about 25 minutes walk from the hotel.

Biggest shopping centers are in residential area, and are Rügen-Center, is about 20 minutes drive from the hotel, and  Rügen Galerie, is also about 20 minutes drive in another direction.

MeerHanf CBD Store Greifswald cannabis dispensary is about 1 hour and 20 minutes drive from the hotel. 


Advanced Tech

If you book travel yourself, 6 days trip would cost you $3,280.00 + TOTAL (without spa visits or shopping). You can save about $100.00, if you rent a car and drive yourself from/to airport.

 €670.00 for hotel stay, for 6 nights

(Including tax). Stay at IFA Rügen Hotel & Ferienpark by Lopesan (in a Standard 1 bedroom)

$600.00 + Tip on the cab, from & to the Airport ($600.00 is the round-trip ride price)

You can take a train from Hamburg to Rügen, which would cost about $100.00 for the round trip. It takes about 3 hours and 10 minutes.

$900.00  (per person) for the Condor Airline ticket, from JFK, NY to Hamburg, Germany. 

$800.00 + for dinning & shopping

 * All prices are estimated based on travel dates September 1, 2024 through September 7, 2024, and are subject to change.

Cannabis in Germany is legal * for personal private use, but only if purchased form the authorized local retailer. 

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