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Type of Underestimated
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First of all let me begin with, I only trust in five types of  investments:

1. Bank CD for Savings, Low to Moderate Risk.

* Most flexible for withdrawal & short term.

2. Cash to Precious Metals conversion, Low Risk.

* Easiest & simplest, unlimited term. Simple sale, if necessary.

3. "Crypto Currency" for the High Risk, QuickGrowth. 

Crypto is the riskiest probably at the moment, & no longer as affordable as it used to be, especially with big currencies like BTC & ETH.

But I still consider it a good investment if you can afford it. 

4. Crypto to Precious Metals conversion, Low Risk.

* Silver as a commodity, for example, is very affordable investment with slow, but stable growth.

In 1998, Silver price was $5.87 per oz, while price as of January 2023 was $24.17. It grew about $1.00 (+) per oz. a year.

5. Real Estate, as a Moderate Risk, but permanent investment. 

* Most stable, most physically accessible & usable, but requires backup funding for maintenance. 

Real Estate & everything that has to do with it is simply my greatest passion.  

There are 5 types of Real Estate ownership, that are  mostly established Worldwide: 

  1. Freehold ~ is a type of estate where the person has a right or owns title to real property for an unspecified amount of time. Usually it is a fully paid off Mortgages, cash purchased  or Real Estate properties passed via inheritance. It is also the only form of ownership that includes land. No other form of ownership, except some forms of timeshares, are allowed to re-sell the land. 

  2. "A Leasehold" estate ~ is an ownership of a temporary right to hold land or property in which a lessee or a tenant holds rights of real property by some form of title from a lessor or landlord." Trailer or Mobile Home Parks, for example are leasehold properties. 

  3. Condominium title ownership is an individually owned unit in a complex or building of units. A condo owner owns the air space inside their condo, sharing an ownership interest in the community property, such as the floor, walls, sidewalks, stairwells, and exterior areas, but does not owe the land. 

  4. Strata title ownership ~  is a form of ownership and housing tenure devised for multi-level apartment blocks and horizontal subdivisions with shared areas. The word "strata" refers to apartments being on different levels.

  5. Timeshare ~ is a divided form of ownership or use rights. Units may be sold as a partial ownership, lease, or "right to use", in which case the latter holds no claim to ownership of the property. The ownership of timeshare programs is varied, and has been changing over the decades.

In United States most common forms of the ownership are Freehold, Leasehold & Condo. Strata & Timeshare ownerships are more common in Great Britain & in Western Europe. They actually began in United Kingdom first.

For many years, up until I became "a paid off home house & landowner", I thought, that "Time Share" investment idea ~ is a scam or useless option. Why would I want to do this? Owe the part of the house with somebody I never really see or know, with a similar style, yet different schedule?  And what do I need a Summer House for, if my schedule is only allows the "Winter Weekend use"? "Seam like a scam to me".  Well ... Not so fast. 

As you grow older, or God forbid, become a widow at 43 like me, you will see the need of "The Timeshare" different. Why I am not interested in Fixed or Point System Timeshares? It's my Nursing home replacement Real Estate. I need to feel more stable, yet well taken care for.  Timeshare offers maintenance free, yet, often, Luxury environment. At your private home you will have to handle all of the maintenance cost, taxes, emergency repairs, weather condition issues, etc, on your own. Pay out of pocket, deal with headaches.  With the Timeshares you have an option to live a "maintenance free life",  for at least, half or the 1/3 of the year. I am interested in investing in Real Estate property with min 16 to 26 weeks a year shares. 

How does it work financially & why is it good for you? If you buy your Timeshare for cash it is probably better. "Mortageing it" not so smart. Because many timeshare communities build on "the promise to pay". So, when you buy a part of "community time", they build, let's say 144 townhomes to satisfy all interested buyers, & borrow money from the bank to both build & maintain community properties. Every owner is also living there part time, like 16 to 26 weeks a year. You pay annual fees to owe this community, businesses in it & being part of it, like HOA. This covers every management salary & annual maintenance. Taxes you & other co-owners pay, also cover builder's mortgages. HOA cost is what depends on the Mortgage interest rate the most. Greatest benefits for me personally is: comfort, ability to relocate at least 1/3 of the year & having fully furnished, staged, yet maintained property, that can visit periodically, without paying extra. 

Last thing, if you are a person who loves to invest, but not necessary want to be limited by rules or legality,  or like to do hospitality yourself, then investing in a good single family or condo, and, running it as Airbnb ® may be a better option for you. If you are someone who likes to invest and wants to make a long time difference ~ buy a rental. But remember, with the owning rental property there comes long term responsibility for others...

Modern Kitchen

Imagine, to live in the

"Free Resort Hotel"

16 to 26 weeks

out of the year?


It is a maintenance Free, YOUR OWN space, but partially Shared. The time you share it for depends on how

much you are willing to pay & the community by laws. 

But it is only 4 to 6,5 months. You

can not stay a day longer, & you have to give it to the other owners, until next year. I think it is fantastic style

of living, but many people don't. So, Timeshares are not for everyone. 

If you like to experience change, love travel, hate stagnation, require fresh experiences often, owning Timeshare for half a year is the best style of living. 

Spa Time

Spa, Cannabis Shop, European Groceries

& Pool 

What if, you have an option, to

also own a part of the TimeShare Community Businesses Profits

You live there, with business & community, between 16 & 26 weeks out of 52, like in a Luxury resort, &,  live in your other permanent home, with the rest of your family.  I think it's a great idea

for any independent adult, who has money to invest into Real Estate. 

This style has & gives a different sense of ownership, between only

3 people or families, with 16 to 26 weeks a year schedule, rather that fractional,  "90 people a year in my bedroom" Timeshares.  

So far I have seen a fantastic location

in Canada, but with only 5 weeks fractional share maximum, for $160K. I am assuming this cottage costs about 1,7M & sold to 11 people a year at 160K. So between 3 families investment needs to be at least $520K per family to visit at least

16 weeks a year. 

Moving In

How would it work?

If you buy 16 to 26 weeks a year

you will:


  1. Move every 4 to 8 months to the same residence, but during various agreed time periods. 

  2. Only travel light & bring your clothes & laptops. Everything else stays put. You can choose your furniture & appliances from the beginning.

  3. Can visit your new vacation spot in increments: 2 weeks in Spring, 2 weeks in Summer, 2 weeks in a Winter or Autum. As long as this travel is planned at least one year ahead.

  4. You get to know community, & you get a second permanent home. 

Eating Lunch

How to select

where to Invest?

Family roots, cultural connections

& area safety should be priority in international investment search. Especially, when it comes to Real Estate & Timeshares.

I personally rely on Astrology in business, so I select the area of interest, based on my health & luck benefits. Other people have their own way of choosing lucky investment spot. 

Most important is to make sure you

will be accepted friendly by the locals. No matter where you choose to buy your Timeshare. Travel in person first to see & feel the area. Only then you should buy it.


I made a terrible mistake buying a property in the area where they hated everything that had to do with formal Russian Immigrants & we had to move.

Also consider how multiple generations of people respond to both your culture & your limited abilities, if you have any. Plus aging is something to consider. How  generation of people around  you, responds to people with the special needs.  This may be unspoken, but tragic issue.

Image by Manuel Moreno

What is

The Timeshare? 

"A timeshare, also known as a vacation ownership, is a lifetime commitment to paying for annual trips to the same resort or family

of resorts.


You pre-pay or finance a lump sum upfront plus annual maintenance fees. Upgrade or exchange fees

come into play if you want to stay somewhere different than you originally paid for. " ~ Read More 

In everyday reality term Timeshare to me is a split ownership of the Luxury building & community with all amenities, at either 50/50 or 33/33/33.

Cozy Living Room


Part Time Home

Smaller cottage for a smaller family would be much cheaper. Dividing

let's say, 3 bed 2 bath cottage on the river sold for $600K total, would cost 3 families same $160K, but would give them house for at least 16 weeks (4 full months) a year.


Airbnb is a maintenance headache. Hotels are too expensive. May be someone can see it my way: dividing timeshare by 2 or 3 families only.

Maybe, RE Community Idea, I wrote in the past 4 years, can tie into this project idea too.

 Why this type of Real Estate investment is a good idea?


Mortgage companies do not usually finance 3 different families for the same property, due to the underwriting issues mostly.

Timeshare give you this option: to owe the same building with more than one family. 

House and bicycle

They do not yet exist with these terms

If you want to buy 16 to 26 weeks a year for $160Kunfortunately, they do not yet have a Timeshares that big. 


​Something to plan & make it happen in the future. Soon. I believe in the 

agreement like these, between only

2 to 3 families, people need to be

on the same page financially, as well as emotionally. They must have a well established primary home first, anywhere in a World. It may seem it's easy to find a partner, find a funding for idea on GoFundIt or elsewhere, but it isn't.


Plus, running Vacation property

with 2 other families can be more challenging than selling  shares

to 11 unknown individuals. But, I believe, it is worth it, in a long run. More intimate, permanent vacation home you really do owe. It's like the age of Bed & Breakfast homestyle Victorian is not dead yet. It has a room to exist in a modern society,

as a coop idea of like minded people, who share homes, same location &  nature passions. At least half the year.

Woman in Wheelchair Drinking Coffee

How to find a 

Perfect Spot

Many members of the younger generations are highly intolerant

of people with physical & mental disabilities, not matter what TV

tries to do.


This is why It's very important to

check the area in person first. I have

a Multiple Sclerosis & am still fully mobile, but expect to, someday, loose mobility. I need to find a Safe & Kind Timeshare Location. I am looking for investment in countries, with a kind

& highly rated healthcare. 

Once you decide which country's Timeshare you would like to purchase, you can begin choosing where specifically you want to live. 

Small city, small village, big town? 

Mountains, Oceanside, Lake or Riverside, Forest or the desert,

what do you like to see daily?

Make sure you select the area you

are interested in getting rooted

at, for at least half a year. 

Pick a place where people speak

your prefered language, as a primary.

It makes it much easier to settle in. Think how you want to live, what you want to do long term. 

Ski Resort

Types of Timeshares


  1. Fixed-week Timeshare  * "Disney Vacation Club", for example

  2. Floating-week Timeshare * is not restricted to visiting the same location during the same period each year 

  3. Point System Timeshare * Marriott Vacation Club

 ~ read more on Forbes ® 

In order for any small & private timeshare to be successful, people need to be on the same page. Design, style, management approach style, enforcement style. People have to love community & respect location to live there at least 16 weeks a year. 

It's not the same as Disney Resort Club or even Marriott Owners Club. This type of timeshare is more intimate & private. 2 to 3 owners MUST be on the same page.

Packing a Bag


Candidates for Timeshare

  1. Somebody single

  2. Someone who loves change

  3. Someone who loves to travel & needs an often change of scenery

  4. Creative adult on a self-discovery path

  5. Bachelor on the career path 

  6. Retired adult, who does not want to be a burden nor live in nursing facility

  7. Lonely adult, who loves various climates during different season 

Many people who are  retired in the suburbs love to travel & owe RV's.  These people are ideal candidates

for 2 to 3 ownership Timeshares. They love to travel & do not need a permanent home for more than

16 to 26 weeks a year anyway. 

People who are single & prefer to start new life can also be a great candidates for this type of timeshare. 

Finally, small family, who loves to owe a permanent vacation property is definitely of the best candidate for 2 to 3 shares home. 

Family Vacation

Why it is a Great Idea

to owe Timeshare Internationally.

Or Not

Your family's travel safety & existence. While many young  people travel abroad for education & leisure, safety often become a cornerstone of any international long term relocation.


Stories of kidnappings, vanishing, while abroad ever the safest countries in the World, are, unfortunately, very common.


If you owe your own property in their locality, as a timeshare, you will be treated differently. Because you will have to deal with local laws. Because

of this you will have a better ability to offer your relatives a safe place to live, for half a year in the location of their dreams, for example. 

What are the biggest Cons of International Real Estate  & Timeshare investmentsIs not knowing local markets enough; not knowing local culture deep enough; not having enough connections with the local laws.

There are hidden corners many

people do not know about when it comes to any International purchases, such as Religion, legal & cultural wars within  the investment area, only local insiders would know about. Many International purchases are unfortunately filled with high possibility of Identity Fraud. 

Apartment Building

Location, Location, Location

Weather you choose Half a Year Timeshare Internationally or locally, you have to remember what are your priorities?


This is a Vacation Type living, even for 26 weeks a year. This is Permanent Temporary Home you owe, but not your "Forever Home". Make sure you select location that speaks to your health, your emotional clarity & gives your

a boost of energy to deal with any negativity. 


It is a place you come to for half a year to either heal, recover, recharge, start fresh or end something. It should be designed & layed out in a way that that supports you.


Because you share it with other people you will treat it like resort, really, rather than your main home.


Your Timeshare should be in your Resort Dream Spot. Whichever it may be. Select it, so you can be proud to give it as gift to your kids later.

Make sure your children live with appreciation of owning Real Estate Properties & savings. Otherwise you will end up bankrupting Estate with the anarchists-in-laws & all of your effords to preserve the wealth, will

be useless.

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