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Travel to Montreal, Canada

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Eco-Friendly Design

Located about 25 minutes drive from Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport.

Le Mount Stephen ® hotel

1440 Drummond Street, Montreal,

Quebec, Canada, H3G 1V9



Multicultural Mountain Retreat

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is about 10 minutes walk from the hotel. 

Montreal Botanical Garden and Montreal Biodome are about 20 minutes drive from the hotel.

Concordia Greenhouse is about 10 minutes walk form the hotel. Mount Royal Park is about 40 minutes walk  form the hotel.


24/7 Support

This is hotel close to downtown.  Predominantly EnglIsh speaking area,

you will not have to learn Quebec French in order to stay there. 


Hotel has an on-site restaurant Bar George  and on-site Mbiospa Prestige.

Major shopping, with many other restaurants, within walking distance.

Best Poutine Restaurant in Montreal is 

La Banquise, but it is within 10 minutes drive from the hotel, not walking distance.

Second Best is Paul Patatesit is within only 15 minutes drive and third Au Pied de Cochon, it is within 10 minutes drive from the hotel, not walking distance.

Deville Dinerbar ® is within 5 minutes walk. Maison Boulud ® is also within 5 minutes walk.  Abu el zulof ®  within 5 minutes walk. Sushi Hidden Fish ® modern sushi bar, is about 6 minutes walk from the hotel. French restaurant  Le Pois Penche and restaurant Fondue Haidilao

are both around the corner.

Biggest Shopping center in the area is Les Cours Mont-Royal is about 5 minutes walk from the hotel. 

Budhaven cannabis dispensary is about 10 minutes walk from the hotel. 


Advanced Tech

If you book travel yourself, 6 days trip would cost you $3,448.00 + TOTAL (without spa visits or shopping). You can save about $100.00, if you rent a car and drive yourself from/to airport.

$2,415.89 for hotel stay, for 6 nights

(Including tax). Stay at Le Mount Stephen (in a Standard Queen bed room + Breakfast)

$171.79 + Tip on the Elife ® Car service, from & to the Airport ($171.79 is the round-trip ride price)

$460.00  (per person) for the Canada Air ® or United Airlines ® round trip ticket, from JFK, NY to Montreal, Canada. They offer non-stop flights. 

$400.00 + for dinning & shopping

 * All prices are estimated based on travel dates September 8, 2024 through September 15, 2024, and are subject to change.

Cannabis in Canada is legal * for personal private use since 2018, but only if purchased form the authorized Canadian retailer. It is still illegal * to transport or/travel with cannabis across the state or country lines. 

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