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Central Asia 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


For Hajj and Umrah packages visit following guides:




Explore Uzbekistan by visiting  Bukhara. Stay at family own boutique hotel chain Minzifa ®.


Hotel is located next door to Eshoni Pir Madrasa,  only 2 minutes walk from Eshoni Pir Mosque & within 5 minutes walk from "the Heart of Bukhara"Lyabi House.


Bukhara is an ancient city in the Central Asia in country of Uzbekistan.

"The Historic Centre of Bukhara, situated on the Silk Roads, is more than two thousand years old. It is one of the best examples of well preserved Islamic cities of Central Asia of the 10th to 17th centuries, with an urban fabric that has remained largely intact. Bukhara was long an important economic and cultural center in Central Asia.


The ancient Persian city served as a major center of Islamic culture for many centuries and became a major cultural center of the Caliphate in the 8th century.

With the exception of a few important vestiges from before the Mongol invasions of Genghis Khan in 1220 and Temur in 1370, the old town bears witness to the urbanism and architecture of the Sheibani period of Uzbek rule, from the early 16th century onwards. The citadel, rebuilt in the 16th century, has marked the civic center of the town since its earliest days to the present." ~ according to UNESCO.

When you travel to Central Asia, especially any

of the formal Soviet Republics, it is always better to hire a local tour guide. Or contact local travel agency. Restaurant Ayvan® is about 5 minutes walk from the hotel. They offer traditional central asian cuisine. 

This hotel is located about 14 minutes drive from Bukhara International Airport.

Learn the laws before you travel. This is a Traditional Muslim Country. 


Explore Uzbekistan by visiting  Tashkent. Stay at  hotel chain The Royal Mezbon ®.

Tashkent is a capital of Uzbekistan. It is more modernized, less antique city. With more cultural & religious diversity. You can find a lot of Orthodox followers here. This is the least traditional Uzbekistan city, yet you can  still find plenty of authentic ancient cultural sites here. You can also find more modern services here, such as spa & beauty salons. Viti local tour guides for more information. 


Hotel The Royal Mezbon offers its own spa services on-site. There is also professional full service day spa Eco Wellness with fitness center available within 20 minute drive from the hotel.  This hotel is in more or less residential area rather than resort location. You will be surrounded with local culture & small shops.

Visit Timurids History Museum, about 14 minutes drive from the hotel. Visit Magic City Park about 11 minutes drive from the hotel & Anhor Lokomotiv amusement park, about the same distance. Museum of Applied Arts is about 10 minutes away.

Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport  is 12 minutes drive from the hotel.
Learn the laws before you travel.


Explore Republic of Khakassia by visiting Abakan. Enjoy luxury stay & delicious dining at Biznes - otel Asia ® Abakan.

Abakan is the capital of Rupublic of Khakassia. This is one of the most secluded, yet biggest metropolitan centers in Khakassia. Abakan is surrounded by Altai Region mountain ranges in South, as well as forest plains in the North. Visit Dream Gardens is about 5 minutes drive or 30 minutes walk from the hotel. This is a typical secluded Siberian town.  With many outdoor activities, but not much else to do. This is a great "off the grid town with all anemnities".

"There are over three hundred lakes in the republic, both salt- and fresh-water. Natural resources are abundant and include iron, gold, silver, coal, oil, and natural gasMolybdenum deposits are the largest in Russia.

Forests cover the south and the west of the republic."

This is the farthest Central Asian town in Eurasian territory. Krasnodar region that follows & located across the river, is already considered to be South Eastern Asian territory.

You will need a local tour guide since not too many people speak English there. It is located about 10 minutes drive from Abakan International AirportLearn the laws before you travel.


Explore Kyrgyzstan by visiting Bishkek. Enjoy luxury stay & delicious dining at Jannat Regency Hotel. 


Bishkek is surrounded by the Kashgar Prefecture (Xinjiang, China) Mountain ranges in the South & Aksu Prefecture in the East. It borders Kazakhstan in the North & Uzbekistan & Tajikistan in the West.  Bishkek is the one of the biggest cities in Kyrgyzstan. This is a typical mountain region small city. People here do not often speak any language except kyrgyzs native, russian or chinese dialect. This area has amazing nature sites, waterfalls and many great outdoor spots. 


Kashka Suu Ski Resort is about 49 to 50 minutes drive depending on weather. Once you at the Ski Resort you can ask how to hike to Pik Semionova Tien-Shanskogo. 

Visit alpine lake Issyk Kul about 5 hours 20 minutes drive away. 


Manas International Airport is about 49 minutes drive from the hotel. Learn the laws before you travel.

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Explore Uzbekistan by visiting  Samarkand. Stay at the luxury hotel Shohjahon Palace ® Hotel & Spa.


This hotel is surrounded by multiple Heritage sites within the walking distance: ShohizindaGur-Emiŕ, The Bibi-Khanym MosqueUlugbek Madrasah, Registan & many more.

Local restaurant serve authentic and delicious Arabic, European & Central Asian cuisine. Take a trip to Ulugh Beg Observatory. This is historical "one of the kind" observatory, containing ancient Astrological scripts & charts.


"Ulugh Beg, the son of Shah Rukh and grandson of Sultan Timur, became the ruler of Samarkand in the 15th century AD. Ulugh Beg was very skilled in mathematics and astronomy. He taught many important astronomers, including Ali Qushji. Many historians have tried to accurately identify the dates of the events that occurred during the Samarkand or Ulugh Beg Observatory. The Ulugh Beg Observatory was built somewhere around 1422.


Ulugh Beg's Zij-I Sultani was published in 1437, it was written in Persian, and listed around 1,000 stars. It follows Ptolemaic work and does not suggest any changes in the planetary model. It has also been called Zij-I Ulugh Beg, Zij-I Jadid-I Sultani, and Zaij-I Gurgani. It is thought that he may have been influenced to create his Zij by Nasir al-Din Tusi, who had written 150 books. Ulugh Beg's star catalog was the first to have been published since the Almagest written by Ptolemy." ~ according to Wikipedia



When you travel to Central Asia, especially any

of the formal Soviet Republics, it is always better to hire a local tour guide.

This hotel is located about 24 minutes drive from 

Samarkand International Airport.

Learn the laws before you travel. This is a Traditional Muslim Country. 


Explore Turkmenistan by visiting AshgabatEnjoy luxury stay & delicious dining at Divan (Nusay) Hotel ® Ashgabad. 

Ashgabat is the capital of Turkmenistan. It is known for its white marble buildings and strange national monuments. Read more here


"Miras Bookshop is located near Nusay, and Ashgabat International airport is approximately a 30 minute drive away. Guests will be 0.2 miles to Turkmen State University. Guests of the property can get to the Azadi Ertugrul Gazi Mosque in about 15 minutes of walking. Goranmak ministrligi bus station is located 5 minutes away from Nusay on foot."

"Nusay Hotel, designed for the Secretariat General to the Turkmenistan Presidency, leverages an unmatched location as well as luxury amenities and world-class standards to become the favorite accommodation facilities of foreign statesmen. Also featured at the facilities will be two restaurants, a banquet hall and a multi-use hall, SPA, gym and sports facilities, beauty center and indoor swimming pool."

Ashgabat is bordering Sarany Protected Area in Iran, within 2 hours drive. Caspian sea is about 6 house 40 minutes drive away from Ashgabat, with beach access near city Okarem, Turkmenistan.

Learn the laws before you travel. This is a Traditional Muslim Country.


Explore Kazakhstan by visiting Almaty Enjoy luxury stay & delicious dining at RIXOS ® HOTEL.

Almaty is the capital of Kazakhstan.  According to UNESCO "Almaty (Alma-Ata) is one of the most ancient cities in the Central Asia that its establishment goes back to the 1000–900 BC in the Bronze Age when the first farmers & cattle-breeders established settlements on its territory."

It is "a cosmopolitan city located in the mountainous area of southern Kazakstan. The commercial and cultural centre of Kazakhstan, there is no shortage of things to see and do. City tours take in beautiful sights such as the Zenkov Cathedral and Panfilov Park.


Kok Tobe Hill is a lovely spot high above the city.  Reached via funicular, here you can watch the sunset over the cityscape. As well as the restaurants and bars, you can indulge in authentic Kazak cuisine by stopping by the  Kök Bazaar (Green Bazaar). This central market in Almaty is bursting with fresh vegetables and fruit. You can try local delicacies or buy fragrant spices to recreate authentic recipes at home.  

During the winter months, you can head to the mountains. Here you can look forward to 44 kilometres of slopes, where 17 ski lifts serve the ski resorts." Closest resort to the hotel is Shymbulak, is about 40 minutes drive away. Horseback riding Ranch (Konno-Turisticheskiy Klub "Almaty Horse explorers") is about 28 minutes drive from hotel.

Almaty International Airport is about 25 minutes drive. 

Learn the laws before you travel.


Explore Tajikistan by visiting Dushanbe.  Enjoy luxury stay & delicious dining at Serena ® Hotel, Dushanbe. 

National Museum of Antiquities of Tajikistan in Dushanbe contains items from Sarazm, oldest settlement found in Central Asia, as well as oldest statue of reclining Buddha, ever discovered in Central Asia. It is over 1,500 years old. 


Dushanbe is metropolitan city, with many traditional mountain town things to do & visit, however the biggest & the most majestic site in Central AsianTajikistan are the Fann Mountains. The only way to  make it there, however, is by using tour guide or traveling to Sarytag Village, located about 3 hours 40 minutes drive away from the hotel. You would need to stay overnight in the village, before continue trecking by foot or with the guide to the nearest lake. They offer fantastic mountain tours between 7 to 15 days with the tour guide.

Serena ® Hotel offers all luxury accommodations you would get in any American or Asian luxury hotel, from

3 on-site restaurants to the luxury on-site Maisha Spa.

It is located 25 minutes away from the Dushanbe International Airport. Learn the laws before you travel.

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