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How to buy and sell without Bias?

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First you need to determine why you want to buy this house?


  • Do you want to start homeownership of American Dream?

  • Are you just tired paying rent, unable to create your own space?

  • Do you want to invest your savings?

  • Do you want to start or expand a family? Why do you want to buy this house?

  • Do you really want it?



This is the ugliest, most "racist" part of the sale: determine where you want to live. And who is your potential buyer?


  • Where do you and your family fit? 

  • Where do you want to be?

  • Where do you think you will be happiest?

Hopefully all 3 previous ~ match. But if not, this is where your personal common sense with bias have to enter.

Use any source you have at your disposal, from to, to research the neighborhood you are interested in. Especially, if you are looking for a permanent home. This kind of BIAS will pay in  the long run.


Research the area demographics, research the most prominent employers in the area, who is the biggest producer/financial giant, etc. Can you get employed there? Would you want to?


Also, check how many residents before you, the property you want have had? Why did they move and how they moved: foreclosure or great sale with profit? This will show you general property's luck. 

 Was this a previous rental? If yet, it means it may require 50% more maintenance to bring it "back to live". Ask yourself: is this your family's  lifestyle? 



Next ask yourself, if you are really ready to be a homeowner?

  • Do you know what it really takes to run the property, maintain it, keep up to date?

  • How much does it cost to maintain  the lawn, if you don't live in gated community and have a lot of at least 0.12 acres?

  • How much does your monthly insurance cost and what to insure your property for?

  • How do you pay taxes, if your property is paid off?


ONLY WORK with the BEST 

As of today Real Estate market competition is so great, that we have many legal and illegal resources at our hands, to both, buy and sell. But, I prefer to use only the best and only legal.


If you in a need of saving  and want to sell, you should use online resources for "Sale by owners", like  REDBO ®. You should also check all legal requirement for your state, before your chose to go without broker or realtor.  In NY, for example, you need an RE attorney to close and it takes at least 90 days.

If you are using the realtor, chose the company, that offers combined transactions (buy/sell) or offers double agents, who can do both for you. This way you can save on the overall commission, at least 1.00 %. Like REDFIN ®.

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